Access Rehab in Järnavik

A warm welcome to our Clinic Järnavik, in the middle of Blekinge. The Clinic is beautifully situated in the countryside, by the sea, at Järnavik Guest House. This is where you can turn to get help quickly when you are in pain.

We have neither long queues nor do you need a referral. Nonetheless some of Sweden’s best therapists work here with us. Therapists who offer modern evidence-based medical care for backache, neck pain, muscular injuries, headaches, knee pain, sciatica and anything else associated with muscles and joints. To keep yourself problem free in the future we will gladly guide you in the right way to exercise. Our goal is to get to the root of the problem – so you get a better quality of life.

Find us:

From Karlskrona: Take Österleden/route 28 and Ronnebyvägen towards route E22 (10 mins). Follow the E22 and take off at exit 55-interchange Bräkne-Hoby from the E22 (20 mins). Drive onto the E22. At the roundabout take the 2nd exit and stay on the E22. At crossing exit 55-interchange Bräkne-Hoby, keep right and follow the signs to Bräkne-Hoby/Järnavik/Tjärö.

From Skåne/Karlshamn: Drive onto the E22 (5 mins). Follow the E22 towards Guöviksvägen in Blekinge County. Take exit 54-Interchange Åryd from the E22 (40 mins). At crossing 54-interchange Åryd, take the right lane and follow the signs toward Åryd. Take Gamla riksvägen [the old state highway] toward Järnavik.

The Clinic is located at the Järnavik Guest House down by the harbour on the right hand side. There are parking places opposite the Guest House and access is from the front where the Access Rehab sign is. Take a seat on the sofa in the waiting room, in front of the open fire, and Ninni will come and fetch you.   

Ninni Norberg Pfeifer is a licensed chiropractor with 20 years of clinical experience working as a therapist. Ninni treats with the Redcord Neurac method and also complements the treatment with a myofascial massage technique called Revolving. She is also trained in Dry Needling. Interests are training in all forms, especially swimming, cycling and running. Travelling, being in the countryside, and socialising with the family are up there with the best!

I like to help other people in an effective and relatively fast way. For me the greatest challenge is helping people to a pain-free life.     

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